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1. Hail Alan! Thanks for the possibility of this interview! Nobody should be surprised to see Primordial in a doom fanzine. The doomed feeling of your music is undeniable. Do you see Primordial in a doom context, too?

- no i dont think anyone would be surprised, we have many many things in common with the doom scene as a whole and many of the bands. in truth both the doom and black metal underground scenes are where the sound of primordial was born and where we came from and were involved in as people in the late 80's early 90's. and of course we have always claimed influence from candlemass, nemesis and personally ive always been into vitus, pentagram, solitude aeternus, etc...

2. Without kissing your ass I must declare "The gathering wilderness" as an absolute classic album which is in my opinion on a par with Solstice "New Dark Age" and Bathory's "Hammerheart". The rough production, the pure feeling, the intense atmosphere, the crushing heavy melancholy (and not to forget the great cover artwork), it's all perfect!  Is "The gathering wilderness" simply a further album for you or do you think that you reached a gashing point in the bands history?

- thanks, we really dont think about things too much. we knew we wanted a different rawer sound on this album but apart from that we approached the songwriting like we always do. nothing new to the formula really. i think in the future we will be heading more towards this kind of rougher, rawer sound. more live sounding. every album is simply a new chapter for us, we just do as we please and try not to compromise anything.ever.

3. I think that your last album needs some more rotations than the previous ones, but it's also the greatest one. So I am not surprised that some of my doom fellows are more into the new stuff, because they know that good music need time to grow. In this context you fit well into the (traditional) doom genre, where nothing is really easy-listening, but honesty.

- well honesty and purity are the two most important things. these are dark times we live in so primordial reflects that, it always has. only this time we really wanted a darker, rougher sound to compliment the music. and yes it seems to have been more popular in the doom, epic, true metal scene then before which is very cool as we have always taken inspiration from bathory etc. and i have many friends in that scene so being more a part of that was a very positive sign for us.

4. How did it happen that you contribute on the split 7" with Mael Mordha? Why did you choose "Soul must sleep" as contribution?

- our friend brian at sentinel is making a series of irish split 7"s. and this was our one. he put the idea together. mael mordha made sense as ger from mm has been helping primordial sometimes if we are down a guitar player live.

as for soul must sleep, it was just a good sounding live track i had lying around and it something like a dedication to our dutch friends over the years. it was a really nice thing to do and i think it looks really well also.

5. Some people call Primordial Black Metal, some Epic Metal, some Pagan Metal, but I would say Primordial are Primordial. It's the same with other unique bands like Cirith Ungol or Bretwaldas of Heathen Doom, which don't fit in a genre. Is this independence natural or was it a conscious decision to be in contrast to other bands?

- in the beginning like all bands we were just finding ourselves and trying to write something original. finding our style amongst the scene. i dotn really like analysing it too much but i guess it happened this way because we are here in ireland on the fringes of the scene away from many of the trends. we did our own thing, evolved on our own. in the early 90s when everyone else was into brutal death metal we were more into bathory, sabbat, celtic frost, candlemass, venom and 80s bands along with the second wave black metal movement and mix that with a healthy interest in irish traditional music and i think our sound comes from those things...i dont really know how to classify our music. thats up to you guys...

6. You are one of the very few bands that can express the feeling of their country through the music. The songs sound somehow proud and sad.  That's the same I have in mind when I think of Irish history. How far are you influenced by your homeland?

- i think we are carrying on a great irish artistic tradition with our music.

whether it be literature, art, poetry or indeed music. we are continuing this lineage. we are artists not entertainers. our music exists because of our culture and vice versa. once we married our culture to the music we realised what our calling was. the history of ireland is tragic and mighty....exactly how primordial sounds.

7. Some of your lyrics deal in critical way with the nature of man. You should be an attentive watcher of your environment. Do you have a general pessimistic world view?

- honestly i think its hard not to look around us or turn on the news and not be pessimistic towards human nature and the things we are not only doing to the environment but also to ourselves. i am a critic and in truth a pessimist. and perhaps in the last few years the world seems far darker to me and i think this is reflected in the gathering wilderness. perhaps the war is lost, but we must try and win our personal battles. i hope i am wrong but everything i see points to the end of all times.

8. It seems that Primordial are quite often on the road. I have seen you a few times and it was always a great experience. Everyone who can see you on stage will agree that you really live your music. Your performance is so intense, so dramatic, and so fucking passionate. What's going on in your mind when you celebrate your tunes live? Especially your stagecraft during "The Coffin Chips" is immensely authentic!

- personally i dont think we are on the road that much, we arent a no mercy, xmass festival band. and i dont think we tour half as much i would like us to. but we do play what we can. honestly i think when what you sing about means something to you then it shouldnt be hard to live the music, to place yourself and loose yourself within the song. we arent singing about zombies, or fast cars or how heavy metal we are or some cod occultic twaddle, its real. we are real people playing real music. what you see is what you get.

9. Is Primordial an expression of your inner world or just some kind of role that you can leave whenever you want?

- perhaps it like jekyll and hyde i dont know ?, ive been in the band now longer then i havent !. its part of me. i put myself into the music we all do. we dont analyse it too much. the difference between us and many bands is that we aren't about escapism or fantasy, nor is it romantic. its about here and now. grim reality.

10. Please tell us what you are planning for the next time. Maybe a tour through Germany with Mael Mordha and Old Season as support? Okay, just kidding, but that would be great! I have also read that you could imagine doing one day an acoustic album with traditional Irish tunes.

- who knows...

we are starting to look at making some new material. there are so many offers of shows i wish we could do them all but we will try and do what we can. sure tis possible we might make an irish trad album or something. we dont have any boundaries really.

11. Is the new album already finished in your mind? Will it be in the same direction than the previous one?

- no nowhere near finished in my mind !, although i am always thinking and planning for the future. at the moment what we were working on sounds primordial but at least to me heavier and darker. im also working on some new projects so you might see some more of me here and there...

12. Let me ask you a last question to your quondam band Void of Silence. How did you come in contact with the Italian apostles of gloom and doom? And what was the reason for your exit?

- we will make another album. we are finalising the deal right now. basically they were looking for a singer. i liked the pervious album so i said id do it. no big mystery. i think its a massively dark and challenging album and im very proud of human antithesis. there will be another one for sure !!!!

13. Before I forget it I must know if it is really true that you are the new singer of the famous Solstice. I spoke with Rich one year ago and asked him for new Solstice stuff and he said that the new vocalist is a well known Irish guy.  I don't know many well known Irish guys.

- this is something for rich to answer really. i know rich a long time and only he knows what will happen in the future.

14. "This is the end, my only friend the end..." ... okay, all the best my friends and UP THE HAMMERS!

- thanks for your time and patience....doom or be doomed motherfuckers



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